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Car tune up service
Auto Repair

Oil Change Near Me

Oil Change Near Me Though changing your car’s oil is a simple process, most car owners tend to avoid doing…
heating repair
Auto Repair

Car Heating Problem?

Well, that’s a bit of an understatement. With the average low from November through March being well below freezing, the…
What is a check engine light
Auto Repair

Check Engine Light On?

There are some things all drivers should know whether they are newly licensed or highly experienced. If you must ask…
I need a flat tire fixed
Auto Repair

Tire Inflation Matters

It’s important to check your tires on a regular basis, and yet it’s one that is so often inadvertently neglected.…
Air conditioning service
Auto Repair

Car AC repair

When it comes to car AC repair, Bowers Automotive has you covered. Since 1990, our team has been providing quality…
Winterize my car
Auto Repair

Where’s my car heat?

We’ve noticed that many of our customers experience more problems with their vehicles during the transition into the winter months.…