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Important reasons to have a blown fuse checked by a professional

Every driver eventually faces a moment when a part of their vehicle’s electrical system commonly associated with fuses stops working, such as interior lights, a turn signal or the radio. Typically, you can fix these problems quickly by replacing one or more blown fuses. That said, any fuse-related electrical incident can indicate a more serious problem in the following scenarios:

  • You own an older vehicle that you haven’t maintained through a mechanic since its last inspection. Over time, the wiring in your vehicle or the computer system can break down. When this happens, fuses start to blow.
  • You just replaced the battery after the vehicle wouldn’t start, another part of the electrical system has now stopped working, and you need to replace one or more fuses. The original problem was likely never the battery unless the new battery is defective. Instead, the vehicle probably has faulty wiring or a bad electronic control unit or alternator.

These and other scenarios can lead to far more serious outcomes than blown fuses. Your vehicle might not start at all one day when you need it the most or suddenly stop working and leave you stuck on the side of a remote road or the middle of a busy highway. A vehicle fire might occur when you attempt to start it.

At Bowers Automotive, our team provides total auto repair services to drivers in the Colorado Springs region, including inspection and repair of automobile electrical systems. Don’t allow a blown fuse to distract you from a potentially bigger and harmful problem. Contact us for more information today.

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