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Automotive red flags that require immediate attention

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Drivers often ignore early signs of vehicle problems. Although their reasons vary by person, most people commonly fail to act quickly enough because:

  • They think they’re imagining the warning sign.
  • They don’t feel they have the time to deal with the problem.
  • They fear the cost associated with any repairs.

Yet, when a driver waits too long to address an automotive red flag, they’re taking an incredible risk.

A sudden breakdown can cause a long delay during a work or school commute or even entirely disrupt a person’s or family’s schedule for days. The vehicle might cause an accident when it suddenly stops working. A small problem can become a bigger one that costs more to fix.

Always talk to a mechanic immediately if you suddenly notice these red flags anywhere in your vehicle:

  • Odors (chemical or burning scents)
  • Noises (tapping, clicking, knocking, hissing, screeching, squealing, banging, thumping, clunking, grinding, or whirring)
  • Lights (dashboard warning lights or non-working head, tail, or interior lights)
  • Steering (wheel drifting to one side when untouched or an uneven driving or wobbling tires sensation)
  • Electrical (repeated fuse burn outs or battery drains)

At Bowers Automotive, our team of expert  auto repair technicians quickly and efficiently evaluate and repair automobiles in the Colorado Springs area. For more information about this topic or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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