Car Radiator Flush Colorado Springs

When you need a car radiator flush in Colorado Springs, Bowers Automotive is the place to go.  The cooling system is responsible for maintaining the proper operating temperature of your car.  Problems arise when regular service is neglected.  The fluids in your vehicle need to be changed regularly to avoid overheating and engine damage.  Let the experts at Bower’s Automotive make sure your radiator is maintained and running at its best.

Radiator cooling system failure is one of the most common causes of car breakdown.  Our ASE technicians are trained to handle all aspects of your vehicles radiator system.  Many radiator problems can be prevented with regular radiator maintenance and periodic professional inspections of your car’s radiator and cooling system.
Bowers Automotive has been providing quality automotive service for over 23 years. It is our goal to service and maintain the radiator system and provide you with safety and long life of your vehicle. With a reputation for exceptional auto repair and customer service at an affordable price, we are the number one place to call for a car radiator flush in Colorado Springs.   Give us a call today and see why our clients keep coming back. 

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