Should I do my car repair? Probably Not

Should I do my car repair? Probably NotIf you are a do-it-yourself type person, should you tackle your car repair? Probably Not!  Today’s vehicles are run by complex computer systems which make it a challenge to do most any type of repair on a newer vehicle.  Understanding and diagnosing the problem is better left to a trained professional.  At Bower’s Automotive, the ASE-certified mechanics have the knowledge and skill to help fix any problem you have.

A common issue with DIY auto repair is just like putting together IKEA furniture.  You may think you know how but halfway through you discover you don’t know all the details and what could go wrong in the process.  A mechanic can prevent a weekend DIY fix it disaster because they know exactly what is involved with each and every service and repair.

Saving money is usually the reason most people tackle their car repair.  But without the proper knowledge, $50 saved may result in $500 worth of damage.  In today’s cars, the onboard diagnostics make even the most simple task a problem and not worth the risk.

Even though you may think you know just what to do, there is a major amount of disassembly required even to replace a simple element. Today’s cars have so many moving parts that can lead to costly repairs if not handled correctly. The best way to minimize costly repairs is to have the factory scheduled maintenance done according to your manufacturer’s recommendations. 

An ASE certified technician has passed technical training and must have two years of service in the industry to achieve this certification.  They have the knowledge base and skill to diagnose your problem properly through a series of diagnostic tests.  Whether it’s a tune-up, electrical system repair, fuel injection, cooling system repair, transmission work, brake repair, oil changes, AC/ heating repair or factory scheduled maintenance, Bower’s Automotive is your one stop shop for maintenance and repair.

If you are handy with a wrench, it’s probably tempting to spend a little time under the hood on the smaller repairs.  If there has been a breakdown, overheating or the check engine light is on, you should never attempt a DIY diagnosis and repair.  Trying to diagnose the problem will waste your valuable time.  Replacing wiper blades and checking your oil are things you can do yourself but don’t let a simple filter change result in something much more.

Your car is one of your biggest investments.  Don’t let minor problems become bigger more expensive ones.  It makes sense to maintain your vehicle with proper maintenance and repair.  Today’s vehicles are technically complex, and any service or repair should be left to the professionals.  Let the experienced certified mechanics at Bower’s Automotive keep your car running like new.

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