Car repair shop near me

Spring has sprung….how is your car running?

After a frigid winter, make sure your car is ready for springtime drives with this quick auto repair checklist!

  • Oil Change and Brakes: You should change your oil regularly, but especially after a long winter. Do the same for your filter, brakes and brake fluid as well so your car is healthy and can run at its best.
  • Battery: Winter can do damage to a car battery. Check for corrosion on your terminal and that your battery is properly mounted and tightly secured.
  • Tires: Your tires take a beating during winter time. Properly inflated and aligned tires will help you get the most life out of your car and keep you safe.

To take care of all of these issues and more, visit Bowers Automotive. Bowers Automotive is an auto repair facility serving the Colorado Springs market.

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