Taking Care of Your Car’s Engine

Taking Care of Your Car's EngineThe engine is the most critical component of your vehicle, which is why Bowers Automotive is happy to share some tips on taking care of your car’s engine. We know that when it fails, you must spend an immense amount of money to fix it – if it can be fixed at all. Many car owners simply do not realize that they can easily keep their engine in good condition with some simple maintenance and by not putting off taking their car to a qualified mechanic when the check engine light starts flashing.

Keeping your vehicle’s engine in top condition is as easy as applying a degreaser and engine protector twice per year. This requires a minimal investment of money and time spent, but it makes a huge difference to the efficiency of your vehicle. A clean and protected engine will run cooler and be much more resistant to wear and tear. For newer engines with less than 75,000 miles, foamy engine cleaner is recommended. Older cars with more miles on them should be treated using original engine degreaser.

Cleaning Your Engine

Before you begin the cleaning process, shut off your engine and wait until it has completely cooled. Cover the engine’s electrical components with plastic bags. If your car engine has not been cleaned in a long time or looks particularly dirt-encrusted, start cleaning by using a hand-held vacuum to dislodge dust, dirt, and debris. You can also use compressed air for this task. Take your chosen engine cleaner and thoroughly spray the engine, ensuring you get it into all the nooks and crannies. Leave this to sit for around 30 minutes.

Protecting Your Engine

Once your engine has been treated with a degreaser for 30 minutes, spray the engine with water to rinse off the residue. Remember to keep the sensitive electrical components from getting wet. Once your engine is clean and dry, it’s ready to be treated with engine protector. Simply spray an even layer of the aerosol engine protector across all surfaces of the engine and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Use a towel to wipe down your engine, and you’re done. Taking care of your car’s engine is that easy.

This simple process will make your car’s engine more resistant to damage from everyday exposure to sand, dirt, snow, tar, and salt. The products you need can be found readily in large supermarkets, hardware stores and automotive supply stores. For best results, clean and degrease your engine twice per year. If you can do it before bringing it into the car repair shop for diagnostics or repair, it will make things easier for your mechanic. And if you are planning on selling your car, a sparkling engine will impress picky potential buyers.

Gradual wear and tear is inevitable, but the process can be slowed significantly by taking care of your car’s engine regularly. For more tips on keeping your vehicle in pristine condition, talk to the qualified experts at Bowers Automotive today. If you don’t have time to regularly clean and protect your car’s engine, don’t worry! We can take care of this for you, as well as provide any repairs you might need.

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