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Tips to Prepare Your Car for the Fall and Winter

There’s not much time left in our 2021 summer, only a month or so before we need to begin to turn our attention towards fall and winter. This winter will be particularly harsh for us in Colorado, or that’s what people are saying anyway. To help you prepare for the cold this year, here is a few tips you should consider when preparing for the colder months. It never helps to be under prepared for inclement weather.

Give it a Wash Before Fall

One of the first things you should do, before fall comes, is give it a full wash. From the roof to the floors, the whole thing should be detailed. This is most likely the one time a year you will want to consider cleaning it, since things are going to be that perfect balance of cool and warm. Further, you can use the time to wax it too—the wax will help protect the paint from harsh weather and can even protect against light hail that would scratch it otherwise. Use this as a chance to take note of other things that should be repaired or looked at before the winter starts. For example, things like windshield wipers sometimes go unnoticed until they are needed during heavy rain or snow.

Check the Heater

After a summer of air conditioning, it’s a good idea to check that your heater works before fall comes. Sometimes aspects of our car go unused and that can result in parts failing or not working, without us even noticing. By checking this before fall, you can get ahead of those cars that only realized something was wrong after they needed help. At the same time, make sure that all your defrosters are working, and that you have enough anti-freeze in your system.

Check Your Belts, Hoses, and Liquids

Do a full check of all the stuff inside of your car and the electricals. Doing all this check-up process will greatly help in letting you know about any sort of upcoming problems that need to be addressed. It will also give you the opportunity to think about and prioritize those issues, making room for repairs in a budget, instead of waiting for a break down and dumping all your money for something like a new transmission.

Take extra care in looking at the electrics, since when you normally drive you may not notice that something isn’t working—like the taillights. But why are taillights important for the winter? Well because they let the people behind you know where you are and where you’ve stopped. And if one is covered by snow, and the other is not—but not working, the cars behind you cannot tell if you are slowing or not. Remember to check your battery as well—if yours fails while you are driving, do you know what to do?

Check Your Tires

Your tires are the only thing that really stands between you and the road—making sure that they are in good condition not only could save you, but it could save your family. Your tires need to be inspected every few thousand miles to see the tread wear. If it is too low, you may run into traction issues that cause you to slide on the road. At the same time, this can also lead to overuse and a blown tire. When you look at the tires, take note of where the wear is on each one. That will help indicate to you if the vehicle is properly aligned or not. The proper alignment will help you be safer when you drive (and it will improve gas mileage). Don’t forget to check your brakes too—old brake pads plus water from rain, ice, or snow, is a bad combination.

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