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Top three reasons why cars need oil changes

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The frequency with which a car’s engine oil needs to be changed may vary due to certain factors. All vehicles, however, need occasional oil changes to function efficiently. Here are the top three reasons why oil changes are necessary.

  1. For engine lubrication – The engine has many moving parts that need to be well lubricated to prevent wear and tear. Your owner manual will guide you on the right grade of oil for your engine.
  2. Cooling of the engine – The moving parts of the engine can cause friction, which in turn produces heat. Proper oil lubrication is, therefore, necessary to prevent the engine from overheating.
  3. To remove sludge and wear particles – Over time, wear particles and dirt are collected into the engine oil. It also breaks down to form sludge. Oil changes are necessary to remove this dirt as it may corrode the engine.

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