Auto Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Bowers Automotive of Colorado SpringsAuto Air Conditioning Troubleshooting is offering our customers some tips on auto air conditioning troubleshooting, just in time for the summer months. As the temperatures rise, you will be relying on your car’s AC to keep cool and comfortable. If you notice your AC system is not cooling as efficiently as it once was, it may be time to troubleshoot some common problems.

One of the most common reasons for an AC system failure is a leak in the system. If you have a loose hose, broken seal or a crack where refrigerant can escape from, you are going to see a reduction in your AC efficiency very quickly. To troubleshoot this issue, your mechanic will introduce a specialized dye into the cooling system to identify the location of the leak and then replace the faulty part. They will then refill your AC system with the right quantity of new refrigerant.

Another source of AC failure can be found in the electrical or mechanical components of the system. Your auto AC system works by moving a refrigerant like Freon through evaporator coils and condensers. As the refrigerant changes state from liquid to gas, it absorbs and transfers heat. If your evaporator coil or condenser is damaged, it is usually necessary to get them replaced.

When troubleshooting your car’s AC system, it is important always to get the opinion of a professional. Some car owners like to think they can DIY all their auto issues. Unfortunately, the AC system of a vehicle is not the easiest to diagnose and repair by yourself. The main danger of trying to fix your own vehicle’s AC is that you can accidentally introduce dirt into the pressurized system, or refill it with the incorrect amount of refrigerant.

Too much or too little Freon running through the system will result in unsuccessful cooling and possibly even severe damage to your AC unit. If the closed system is contaminated with dirty oil or debris, you will quickly experience the effects. Introduced debris very easily blocks the expansion valve. Once this happens, the system is unable to circulate the refrigerant and cool your car’s interior. We all know that driving in an overheated car is no fun for you or your passengers.

You can take some simple steps to extend the lifetime of your air conditioning system and prevent issues. The first thing to remember is the more you use your AC, the faster it `will wear out. Try to only use your AC when you need to. When you do turn it on, close all the windows in the car. This will lessen the strain on your system. If you only use your AC in the summer, remember to turn it on every few weeks during the winter. This will keep the system lubricated and less likely to fail when you need it again in the summer.

If you suspect your car’s AC unit has a problem, don’t ignore it. At Bower’s Automotive, we can offer a complete evaluation using the latest diagnostic tools. Our auto air conditioning troubleshooting service is affordable and worthwhile if you value comfort while driving. To schedule an appointment, simply call us or drop into our auto shop on Ford St. in Colorado Springs.

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