Preventive Maintenance Keeps Your Car Humming Along

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Preventive Maintenance Keeps Your Car Humming AlongWe all need our cars but sometimes our cars need us, performing regular preventive maintenance on your car will help make sure your car is ready for you.  Come on by Bowers Automotive in Colorado Springs and our ASE certified technicians will give your car the care it needs.

Get to know your car and its basic requirements. Your owner’s manual has valuable information on keeping your car in top condition. Every model is different and can require specific maintenance as laid out by the manufacturer. If you follow very general car advice, even some of the tips that we are about to give, you may find yourself in problems later on. Read up and make a note of how often you should change the oil, get the tires replaced and schedule maintenance checks for your specific vehicle. Follow the manufacturer’s advice or you may void your warranty.

Change your habits to include a brief car inspection. Get into a routine of checking at the start of every month, or even before you begin a long journey. Check that all of your lights work. Buy a cheap tire gauge to check the air pressure yourself. These are small enough to fit in your glove compartment and well worth the modest investment. With the engine turned on, listen carefully for any unusual noises, grinding or clicking that you may not have noticed before. Check the treads on each of your tires and note which areas are wearing down the fastest. Doing this every month will more than likely mean you spot an issue before it is severe enough to cause a breakdown.

Check the levels of your fluids regularly. This is an easy precaution that can be taken by all drivers. Your coolant, power steering fluid, antifreeze and windshield wiper fluids can usually be checked very easily, either by looking directly into the tank or by pulling out a gauge or dipstick. These will have the optimal level marked so that you can tell whether they are running low. Purchase a supply of these fluids from your local auto shop and top them up when needed. Be observant for any fluid leaking or pooling anywhere it shouldn’t. This is an immediate warning sign of something gone wrong.

Don’t ignore factory scheduled maintenance checks. This is probably the most crucial piece of advice to follow when it comes to preventative maintenance. Read your manual to find out how often you should get your entire vehicle checked over by a professional. Don’t wait until you have an issue and end up paying an enormous amount for something that could have been caught early and prevented. A certified technician can analyze your tire wear, spark plugs, belts, oil, battery and filters for issues and advise you on any adjustments that should be made. This is the preventative maintenance on your car that will make all the difference to how long it keeps running well and what it will cost you.

At Bowers Automotive in Colorado Springs, we know all about the preventative maintenance you need to do on your car (and when). If you notice any issues during routine checks, such as leaking fluids or a new clicking noise coming from your engine, give us a call or stop by for a diagnosis and any necessary repairs. We even perform factory scheduled maintenance checks to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

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