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Why You Should Never Put Off Getting an Oil Change

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oil changeThe oil in your car is vital to keeping the engine performing properly by providing lubrication and reducing the friction that causes wear and tear. Fresh oil keeps the engine clean while preventing the buildup of dirt.

Keeping your engine grime-free with fresh oil prevents engine-damaging effects. To preserve the life of your car’s engine, having your oil changed regularly is essential.

Your vehicle will often alert you when it’s time to get an oil change, but maybe you put it off longer than you should. Maybe you’re part of the 36% of people who admit they know nothing about how to change their oil themselves and haven’t made the time to let a professional do the job for them.

Read on to more about why it’s important to not delay in getting this service taken care of when it’s time.

Oil Protects Your Engine

Clean oil provides a protective layer in between all of your engine’s moving parts which keeps them from wearing down. Oil also protects against corrosion caused by condensation settling on the engine’s surface.

Corrosion damage is one of the main culprits when an engine replacement is required. When you get your vehicle’s oil serviced, your auto technician can let you know if your engine is already experiencing damage due to corrosion and what you can do to further protect it.

Friction Causes Damage

When you allow too much time to pass in between servicing, you’re also allowing more friction to take place on the parts of your vehicle’s engine. The more friction that’s present, the greater the likelihood of expensive engine repairs or a full engine replacement in order to keep your car running.

There have been some car owners who have completely blown out their engine and wondered how it could have happened. Chances are, a lack of regular oil changes is to blame.

Oil Gets Burned Off While Driving

Each time you drive, your oil will burn off and degrade and become less effective at protecting your engine and lubricating its parts. Older oil isn’t as thick and becomes dirty and sludge-like over time. Oil sludge is one of the main contributors to engine problems and internal combustion.

Oil sludge occurs when the oil solidifies and becomes gel-like. This usually occurs at temperatures lower than 100 degrees and over time where regular oil changes aren’t taking place.

An Oil Change Improves Fuel Efficiency

Getting regular changes will help improve your car’s fuel efficiency (your miles per gallon). It will also reduce your overall fuel consumption in general. That’s good for your wallet and the planet.

When your engine is well lubricated and running efficiently as a result, you’ll enjoy better gas mileage while saving money on trips to the gas station. It’s really that simple: get an oil change regularly and improve the efficiency of your car, save money, and prevent expensive car repairs.

Low Levels of Oil Pose Problems

Low levels of oil can pose potential risks. If you don’t maintain the levels of oil in your car, you might not detect an oil leak due to a washer wearing down or oil burning your car’s engine due to this leaking.

When you get an oil change, these issues can be detected early on before they become more serious and more expensive. Your attendant informs you about any other problems they come across while changing your oil.

Reduce Exhaust Emissions

When your car’s engine is running with clean oil, it produces fewer exhaust emissions. If you own an old vehicle, your engine is less efficient than newer model cars, making a regular oil change even more crucial.

Since vehicles in many states require a yearly or biannual emissions test in order to be on the roads legally, regular changes contribute to your car’s ability to pass these tests. Skipping them can lead to all kinds of related engine issues that can lead to the expense and inconvenience of not passing emissions testing.

Reducing your emissions is not only helpful when it comes to passing an emissions test and not offending other drivers on the road, but it’s also helpful for the environment.

Add Years to Your Vehicle’s Life

Keeping up with regular oil changes can add many years to the life of your car. Any expensive repairs will be fewer and farther between if you take care of this one important task.

If you’re prepared to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on your car, getting regular changes is a small investment in protecting the life of your car so you can enjoy driving it for years to come.

If you decide at some point to list your car for sale, one of the first things a potential buyer will ask you is whether or not you’ve kept up with regular oil changes. Savvy buyers understand that even if a car looks brand new on the exterior. If it hasn’t had them regularly, the life of the engine is in jeopardy.

Feel confident listing your car for sale with the ability to honestly say that you’ve kept up with its regular maintenance requirements.

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